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Welcome to Your Membership:  Getting Started

We just want to cover a few basics to help us work together well.  We are excited to have you as a member and really want you to make online profits with your product.  The 100 Steps are laid out for you, but here are a few extra things you may want to know.

1.  Phone Number and Location

Over the course of your 100 Steps, we are going to be in touch!  Please go into the "My Membership Area" of the site and then click on "Change Password/Edit Profile".  When you get there, enter your phone number (with area code).  Also enter your location (where you live) so we don't call you in the middle of the night.

Here's a little video to show you how to do this.  Just hit the play button on the video.

You can call Christopher at 435.528.3832 in Utah between the hours of 8:30 and 5:00(Mountain Time) Monday through Friday.

2.  Your "Membership Area"

The membership area mentioned above is where you can change your profile info, access the affiliate program, and more.  Click around and get comfortable with the area.

3.  The I Create Power Affiliate Program

woman computerIn your membership area, in the top right you will see the "Useful Links".  The third link down will say "Affiliates area" or it will say ""Advertise our website to your friends and earn money". 

Click on that link and you can access several affiliate related links.  The last link there says "Update your commissions payout info".  Choose "PayPal payment" on the drop down menu and then enter your PayPal email when that box appears.

If you go ahead and do it now, you'll be all ready and we won't have to track you down to get your PayPal email when it's time to give you money!

If you aren't participating in our affiliate program, then just ignore the "Affiliates Area".

4.  Exercises for the 100 Steps

You have the option of a word document or a PDF with each of the exercises.  You don't need to use both.  If you have Word, then you can download the exercise and fill it out online.  If you use the PDF, you can print it out and do the exercise by hand.  You get your choice!

We just wanted to explain why there is a Word Document and a PDF for each exercise, and you can choose what suits you.

5.  Viewing Videos and Exercises

Each video and exercise should open in the same window.  When you are done, just hit your browser's back button to return to where you were.  Now, having said that, different browsers handle instructions differently, and yours may not behave the way we've programmed it. 

For example, with Firefox on a Mac computer, the PDFs don't open in the browser, and you have to use Preview instead.  But there's always a way to get the content.  Contact us if you need help.

The exception to our "same window" protocol is when we link to a site outside of the I Create Profits site (like the link for the Quicktime Video Player).  We have those links open in a new window and they are usually labeled "external link".

6.  Your Progress Journal

Please use the Progress Journal to keep track of your work through the 100 Steps.  You'll see the journal at the top of the main "course" page.  Click on the link there for further instructions on how to use the journal.

Your journal is a place to track your progress and write comments on the steps.  We can access your journal if you want us to. 

7. Forums

Feel free to go introduce yourself in the welcome forum the first time you visit.  Use the forums to get help and feedback from peers, and to build your network.

Josh and I will visit the forums here and there, but we won't be there every day.  If you want to send us an exercise, ask a question, or get feedback, please use the contact form on the site.

8. Viewing Only One Lesson (Step)

We built the 100 Steps in a Program called Moodle.  Moodle stands for Modular Object Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment.  That's a mouthful, and it's a great tool. 

When going through the steps, it's often easier to simply view one step at a time.  On the main course page (where you see the 100 steps), over to the right of each step number is a small box.  If you click on that box then it will only display that step for you!

Now it shows two little boxes over to the right.  Just click on those boxes to show all the steps again.

One more note on the steps:  As we create the videos and lessons, at times you may see missing steps, for example you'd see step 58 when step 57 isn't showing yet.  Don't worry, it just means we are working on them.

9. Unadvertised Bonuses

bonusAs a member of I Create Profits, you can have any book Josh and I have written!  Please keep these only for yourself.  We will direct you below to the download pages of those products that are related to internet profits.

Note - these are just extras, not integral parts of the 100 steps.  Don't jump into them right now, but just as you need them later on.

We had to move the Unadvertised Bonuses into a protected section of the website.  Members can get them right here (login required), and the link is also listed right under your Progress Journal in the I Create Profits site.

Enjoy your unadvertised bonuses, and if you want anything else just use the contact form and ask us.

10. Bonus Newsletter For You (Free)

For some extra hints, tips, and inside stories about internet profits, you may want to join my Internet Profits Newsletter.  Just sign up right here at Internet Profits.  You get a short lesson or tip every five days, and an extra one each week about current items.

11. Mastermind Groups

One of best ways to learn and grow is to meet with like-minded people on a regular basis to motivate, inspire, and hold each other accountable. The entire I Create Profits site is a large Mastermind group. However, you may benefit from finding a few friends also interested in Creating Online Profits, and starting your own small Mastermind Group.

Tell them about this site, and then meet together either personally or over the phone to discuss the lessons.

Please let us know what else would be helpful to include in this "Getting Started" section!

Thanks, and welcome again to your I Create Profits membership

Now you can jump into your 100 Steps to Online Profits.

Christopher and Josh