Recovery of Awesome Health (Chronicle of Healing)


Treatment Protocol for Lyme Disease and any other associated infections.  Created under the guidance of Dr. Jeffery Wright, ND, from the Utah Valley Health Clinic.  Started 11/12/2008. Moving info to my new site Heal From Lyme (

Symptom Survey Score on 11/12/08 - 93
Symptom Survey Score on 12/12/08 - 81
Symptom Survey Score on 1/12/09 - 60
Symptom Survey Score on 2/15/09 - 52
Symptom Survey Score on 3/15/09 - 47
Symptom Survey Score on 4/15/09 - 47
Symptom Survey Score on 5/17/09 - 37
Symptom Survey Score on 6/14/09 - 49
Symptom Survey Score on 7/13/09 - 66 (mostly increase in neurological symptoms)

History - It took three years to figure out that I had Lyme disease. I went to many family doctors, a neurologist, a rheumatologist, an endocrinologist, a candida specialist, and lots of others. I was treated for an ulcer I didn't have, my gallbladder was taken out, and I had numerous other treatments that didn't help. It feels good to finally know.

I was checked for Multiple Sclerosis, Candida (which I did have), rheumatoid arthritis, hemachromatosis, heavy metal poisoning (yes), colitis, Chron's disease, Irritable bowel syndrome, AIDS, leukemia, sleep apnea, and many other conditions.

Bryan Rosner's books on Lyme Disease and Rife Treatment and the Top Ten Treatments for Lyme Disease have been super helpful resources. Bryan talks about the importance of "pulsing" or rotating treatments to hit the Lyme from different angles.


Note - CD57 Test - The CD57 cells are a subset of cells in the immune system. Lyme disease really attacks these cells and a measurement of these cells can be used to verify Lyme, and to monitor recovery. A normal score is 200, someone who has Lyme would be below 60, and less than 20 represents severe illness.

My CD57 on November 19, 2008 was 15.6
My CD57 on June 4, 2009 was 34 (Yeah, it's going up!)

In immunology, the CD57 antigen (CD stands for cluster of differentiation) is a protein which is also called HNK1 (human natural killer-1) or LEU7.


Last week in June 2009 - started on Udo's oil 1 Tablespoon daily (or a bit more, 2 tsp morning and evening).

Also - did a 9 day stint of Metranidazole at the end of June 2009.

July 14, 2009 - started on Dr. Gordon's chelation protocol

August 4, 2009, started on gabapentin (300 mg) twice a day. This has really helped my sleep to be deeper, and decreased some of the pain.

1.  Antibiotic Treatment

Doxycycline 200 mg twice a day (with food) and Metranidazole 500 mg twice a day with food.  I take these with breakfast and with dinner. 

The reason for using the Metranidazole is that it can kill the cyst form of Borellia (Lyme), whereas Doxycycline only kills the spiral spirochete form.  So these are used together.

(Note - After 15 days the side effects of all the antibiotics was too much and I stopped the Metranidazole but continued the Doxy.) My plan is to use the GB4000 type Rife Machine to kill the spirochetes in their cyst form. More below on the GB4000.

(Note - After 4 weeks, I had learned that antibiotics lose their effect over time as the bacteria become resistant, so I stopped Doxycycline also). In fact, research shows that antibiotics drive the lyme spirochetes into the cyst form, which is even more difficult to get at.

My plan is to take a break using natural antibiotics and the rife machine and perhaps later the Marshall Protocol.

2.  Herbal Therapy Treatment (Andrographis, Cat's Claw, and Japanese Knotweed)

These three herbs are part of the core protocol recommended by Stephen Buhner in his book Healing Lyme (get on Amazon).

A. Andrographis - build up to 4 capsules 3 times per day of the whole standardized herb.

Andrographis exhibits anti-parasitic action and particularly against spirochetes. It also shows protective actions for the heart, circulatory system, and liver.

Several studies have shown that andrographis may increase the body’s resistance to infection by stimulating production of antibodies and macrophages. It also helps with the arthritis and muscle pain of Lyme disease. Buhner recommends capsules standardized to 10 percent.

I can get this on and at the health food store.

B. Cat's Claw - build up to 4 capsules 3 times per day of the whole herb.

Cat's Claw (herb) may benefit people with Lyme by 1. Enhancing the immune system  2.  Anti-microbial effects on the Lyme spirochete, and 3.  Negate some of the effects of the Lyme neurotoxins on the cells.

Buhner recommends 500 mg. capsules and I can get this from Amazon and the health food store. He says Raintree brand is one of the best.

C. Japanese Knotweed (Resveratrol) - build up to 4 tablets 3 times per day.

Japanese Knotweed enhances immune function, is active against bacteria including spirochetes, is anti-inflammatory for both arthritic and bacterial inflammations, protects the body against endotoxin damage, helps reduce Herxheimer reactions, and is a cardioprotector.

Buhner recommends Source Naturals for the Japanese Knotweed, which I get at the health food store.

(Note) - In rotating manner I'm going "off" these three herbs at the end of December 2008.

3.  Exercise at least one hour at a time three times per week.

The reason for the exercise is twofold, as explained in the Burr Guide.

First reason.  Borellia (Lyme) will die when exposed to all but the tiniest oxygen concentrations.  So the exercise can increase the oxygen throughout body tissues.  I really breathe during exercise and at other times during the day when I remember.

Second reason.  During exercise, the core body temperature can rise above 102 degrees, and borellia is also heat sensitive and this may weaken the spirochete and allow our body defenses to WIN.

I do this Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  I've known for a while that I can't exercise hard every day.  People with Lyme just don't have the energy.  I do light exercise on the other days.

Note - After three months my energy level started to come up. I noticed that my workouts were a bit stronger on my "longer workout" days and on the easy days also.

4.  Kefir and Probiotics (acidophilus and other friendly intestinal micro-organisms)

The reason for this is that the antibiotics kill off the good with the bad, and you have to keep adding the good to avoid a yeast infection.  Dr. Wright said to use several different probiotic supplements as well as kefir and yogurt.

Note - In January 2009 I started being able to digest some homemade goat milk kefir and have been enjoying it nearly every day. In February 2009 I'm having even more kefir (about a quart a day) and also eating some of the "mother grains".

Here is a source that tells that a natural kefir "mother" contains 42 different strains of friendly bacteria (way more than the health food store kind)!

The Kefir really seems to be helping my body to balance and reestablish a healthy gut flora. I'm able to eat healthy carbs (milk, fruit, some grains) without Candida going wild.

Note - on 3/6/09 I stopped drinking the kefir because the milk is too high in fat according to the 80/10/10 diet. My body feels much "cleaner" and less congested and I'm able to eat all the fruit I want now rather than just a little bit.

5.  Don't get behind in sleep, or become overtired.

I've noticed that the pain level (and other symptoms) become worse when I allow myself to get overtired.  I do better on the days that I get good naps.

Note - I was up to four naps a day for a couple years. By about mid January 2009 I was able to get by with only three naps on most days (sometimes I still needed four naps).

6.  Diet of 80/10/10 (Read book by that name by Douglas Graham)

Update on Diet (March 15, 2009). I discovered the 80/10/10 diet and the explanation of how candida works on a high fat diet. I started this diet on 3/6/09.

My Candida infection is cured, after years of struggling with it. It only took about 36 hours once I understood the role of excess fat in the diet as it related to blood sugar problems. Now I can eat all the fruit I want, thank heavens!

To get the full description, you'd have to read a book called the 80/10/10 diet by Douglas Graham. The short version is here: When you eat fruit sugars, they go into your bloodstream quickly, and are supposed to go out of your bloodstream (into the cells) quickly. This is the normal and healthy way, and it happens this way if you are eating a very low fat diet.

However, when a high fat diet is eaten, the fat coats the walls of the blood vessels and prevents the sugars from going into the cells quickly. This causes a dangerous rise in blood sugar, leading to candida overgrowth, diabetes, and many other problems.

According to Graham, any diet over 10 percent fat is "too high fat". I didn't realize my diet was so high in fat until I read his book. I was eating loads of fat (40 to 50 percent of calories, which is easy to do). Fat is so concentrated a source of calories, it only takes a small amount to exceed 10 percent. Anyway, the difference in how my body handles fruit is incredible.

7.  Multivitamin (Using Equilib right now)

8.  Alternative Detox helps

Dry Skin Brushing and Oil Pulling (once each daily in the morning).  More info here on oil pulling.  I use sesame oil.  More info on dry skin brushing.  I've been doing these for a couple of years prior to starting antibiotic treatment in Nov 2008.

9.  Laughter, Prayer, Singing, and Positive Visualization Daily

Laugh 30 times per day (at least).  With little boys this can be done. I sing in the shower and while I jump on the mini trampoline.

When we need a good laugh, we just have Cayson do some antics, or copy some of the things we do.

I visualize telling people that I'm totally healing, running powerfully in the mountains, and I imagine little white rabbits inside me eating up the orange spirochetes and cysts. Special "Bomb Rabbits" blow up the hard cysts and then eat the pieces.

10.  Niacin (Vitamin B3) (work up to 1000 mg 3x daily)

I started this on 11/19/2008 with 500 mg 3x daily. It causes a "flush" and brings extra oxygen to the capillaries along with the extra blood. The extra oxygen help to kill off the Lyme spirochetes, which are sensitive to oxygen. About ten days later I increased to 1000 mg 3x daily.

Note - I increased up to 1500 milligrams about the middle of December, and kept this up until the end of December 2008. I'm taking a break from this at that time.

11.  Treatment with the GB4000 Frequency Generator (Rife Machine Type)

After much research and comparison I decided on the GB4000 frequency generator.

Out of all the treatments I'm doing, I think the rife treatments are helping the most. I get herxheimer reactions, and then sustained improvement. I do a treatment about every 4 days, and am using some "supportive" frequencies as well as the Lyme spirochete killing frequencies.

12. Swedish Massage

I found a Chiropractor who is also a licensed massage therapist and a certified lymphologist and he gives me just what I need. I'm trying to do this every week or every other week.

13. Energetic Engaging Creative Work

When I work on projects that are exciting and engaging and purposeful, I feel an extra energy flow. So I try and find those project that my heart really wants to do, while still providing value to my customers.

I try to minimize or delegate or automate any dull repetitive work.

14. Castor Oil Massage

This treatment was inspired from the Lord. I started about the middle of December 2008. In the morning after a brief stretch and workout I rub a few teaspoons of castor oil into my abdomen. This is much simpler than using a castor oil pack (which is messy and time consuming).

I just pour a bit into a bowl and then using both hands, massage the oil into my liver area and all around the abdomen for about 8 to 10 minutes. Then I shower. This helps my bowels to flow more regularly and has nearly freed me up from having to do "colemas".

However, I believe it's having a much greater effect than that. Castor oil is a very penetrating and unique substance containing ricinoleic acid. This Riconoleic acid has been shown to be effective in preventing the growth of numerous species of viruses, bacteria, yeasts, and molds.

Research also shows that castor oil increases the production of lymphocytes. Lymphocytes are the disease fighting cells of your immune system. The oil may particularly help the Peyer's patches in the intestines.

15. Chia Seeds and Flax Seeds

This is another treatment that I didn't read about anywhere, but just decided to try. I noticed that flax seed seemed to help bowel function and reduce neurotoxin symptoms wo I thought I would try Chia Seeds which have some similar properties.

I started on December 20. In the evening, I stir 1 Tablespoon of chia seeds into about 24 ounces of water. I just use a quart mason jar and fill it about 3/4 full with water.

Then the next day I stir and drink 1/3 of the mixture with breakfast, 1/3 with lunch, and 1/3 with dinner.

I think they help "soak" up the neurotoxins, and that they also help with energy. Chia seeds have been used for energy for years.

Note - After about two weeks, I just went back to flaxseed. The Chia helps "fill me up" so much I was hardly hungry for meals. I usually take the flaxseed in the morning, in a "smoothie".

15. Systemic Enzyme Therapy

Systemic Enzyme Therapy is on of the top ten treatments written about by Bryan Rosner. You take the enzymes between meals on an empty stomach rather than at meal times. They are enteric coated and break down in the small intestine and move into the bloodstream where they "clean up" and digest inflammation causing proteins.

I started the Systemic Enzymes (Wobenzym) on January 2, 2009. Many people have received good benefits from this treatment. I never noticed a difference with this but I'm always taking lots of things so I couldn't tell unless it made a big impact.

I continued the enzymes until the end of February 2009 and then took a break.

16. Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2)

I read about hydrogen peroxide in the Lyme forums and in Bryan Rosner's book. I also found a great source about H2O2 in this One Minute Cure book. I'm taking a 3 percent food grade preparation orally (diluted in water) on an empty stomach, and also massaging it in externally at times when I'm changing my clothes. During January 2009 I did the internal and external use about two times a day (and at about the same times).

It seems to give me a physical boost and my workouts are improving.

17. Chelation for Heavy Metals (Particularly Mercury)

Starting 2/9/2009 I'm taking DMSA at 50 mg every four hours and LA (Alpha Lipoic Acid) at 100 mg every four hours. See below how I altered my practical intake.

I researched this regimen from Andrew Cutler's book Amalgam Illness. You can find the book on Amazon and it's a very technical book but packed with information. He knows his chemistry.

I've shown high for mercury and other heavy metals on two different tests. Bryan Rosner explains that people with Lyme actually seem to hold on to mercury. The spirochetes use it and your detox pathways aren't working as well, so it accumulates to toxic levels rather than being processed. Many of the symptoms of mercury poisoning overlap with Lyme symptoms.

I feel this is a next treatment step and I will record my progress here.

Note - How I ended up taking the DMSA and the LA is this. I take one 250 mg. capsule of DMSA and 2 of 200 mg. LA and put them into a couple of cups of water. I add some rose hip powder and some mint drops to cover the sulfur smell and taste.

This is my DAILY Supply.

I shake and then drink one fifth of the bottle (roughly) at 7 in the morning, then 11 in the morning, then 3 pm, then 7 pm, and then the last dose at 10 pm. This gives me five daily doses each of 50 mg. of DMSA and 40 mg. of LA. Cutler recommends taking it in the night also but I'm just not going to worry about that. I take the chelation doses Monday through Thursday (4 days) and then take 3 days off each week.

18. Concentrace Trace Mineral Drops (Alkalizing Minerals)

Many, if not all, diseases and their symptoms are associated with an acidic body pH. In Lyme disease, acidic pH can be the cause of numerous symptoms. One product that has helped many Lyme Disease sufferers (according to Rosner and his book) is ConcenTrace Trace Mineral Drops.

Mineral supplementation is affordable, non-toxic, and offers excellent detoxification properties. I get mine from the local health food store but you can also get it online at

19. Chewing Food Very Thoroughly for Better Digestion and Assimilation

Chewing the food well helps especially with the Candida overgrowth that tends to accompany Lyme Disease. I've read about the chewing well in Gabriel Cousens book Conscious Eating and also in Mark Joyner's Simpleology course.

I try to chew most food 30 times (when I'm focusing) and hard food like carrots up to 50 times, or until it's liquid and flows down my throat without having to swallow consciously.

20. Magnesium (internally and externally)

People with Lyme are almost always low on magnesium, according to Bryan Rosner's book on Lyme Treatment. I've been taking magnesium taurate and magnesium citrate internally.

I've also been using magnesium oil (super saturated magnesium chloride) externally. I massage it into my skin the mornings along with the castor oil and also some hydrogen peroxide. You can learn more about external magnesium application and get some products at Global Light.

21. Mini Tramp (Jumping for lymph stimulation and flow)

Several times per day I jump on the mini-trampoline for a few minutes. This exercise is particularly good for stimulating the lymph flow. Not all mini-tramps are created equal!

We have a Cellerciser and the quality is superb. You can get more info about the Cellerciser Trampolines Here.



I'm studying the Marshall Protocol, and the salt/vitamin C protocol. Also, I'm looking into building a "Doug Machine" or coil machine and have gone over the schematics. I've also heard about borax being able to kill spirochetes.

List milk thistle, also taurine, and olive leaf extract.


The CD57 cells are a subset of cells in the immune system. Lyme disease really attacks these cells and a measurement of these cells can be used to verify Lyme, and to monitor recovery. A normal score is 200, someone who has Lyme would be below 60, and less than 20 represents severe illness.

My CD57 on November 19 was 15.6

In immunology, the CD57 antigen (CD stands for cluster of differentiation) is a protein which is also called HNK1 (human natural killer-1) or LEU7.



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