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Affiliate FAQ and Help

If you'd like to promote this I Create Profits site as part of your revenue plan you are most welcome to.  This is only in addition to your own product sales and website creations.

1.  How Do I Get My Affiliate link?

You can get your affiliate link right on the main I Create Profits page by clicking "My Affiliate Link".  You can also get it here - "My Affiliate Link".

Your affiliate link will look like the one in the picture below, except that the number at the end will be different. 

affiliate link

Get your own affiliate link and use it to make money from referrals.

2.  Where Do I Put My Affiliate Link?

The most common way to use your affiliate link is to put it on your website. You just type some words like "Get Your I Create Profits Membership Here" and then create a link using your affiliate link.

You can use the logo at the top of this page as a "banner" if you wish.  You are welcome to use any of the material on the "sales page" at as well.

Another way of using your unique affiliate link is in an email. This method is great if you already have a list of subscribers.  You can also set up the link to be a permanent "signature" in your email program. But the best way is to use your website.

3.  How Do I Get Paid?

paypalYou get paid through PayPal. If you don't have a PayPal account, then take a few minutes and go open one! Just go right here to or click on the PayPal image to the left and open your own account. My wife and my two oldest boys have PayPal accounts - it's really easy.

When you get your PayPal Account, then in the membership affiliate area, just click the last link titled "Update your commissions payout info". Choose "PayPal payment" on the drop down menu and then enter your PayPal email when that box appears.

We will pay all commissions on the 10th of each month for the previous month.  So you will get paid for January Commissions on Feb 10th.

You get 50 percent commission (monthly) from every person that purchases from your referral link. This is tracked with something called "cookies" and I set the cookie life to 1000 days so even if someone purchases months later you still get the credit!

email swingingYou'll get an email notifying you of every affiliate sale made with your link.  These are really fun to get.

4.  Do You Have a Letter I Can Send to People?

Yes, we have a sample "broadcast" email that you can use or alter to suit your purposes.  We've copied this below.

You will have to replace Your Affiliate Link with your actual affiliate link, of course, and Your Name with your real name.  You can copy and paste the rest. 

---------- sample email below -------------

your 100 Steps to Online Profits! Free ten lesson Mini-Course too

If you've ever wanted to create online profits yourself, then check
out this new video based instructional site created by my friend
Christopher Westra and his partner Josh Reid.

I've seen these video steps myself and Christopher and Josh
do break it down into the simplest steps that you can follow.

As part of the mentoring, they actually buy you a website of your
choice and host it for you!

Here's what some others are saying about "I Create Profits".

Conner says..

"These guys will actually purchase your domain for
you and host your website.  You won't find any other
membership site doing that!  I've got several
websites now."

Gary says...

"I know first hand that it's possible to create freedom
through the Internet, and I'm really excited by the fact that
you're going to help create freedom for thousands of others
who really need this."

and Thea says.

"What a simple to follow, and brilliantly user-friendly course,
that takes us through the fundamental steps which work."

Your Affiliate Link Here

You can also sign up for a free ten-lesson Mini-Course at the
site. These ten lessons condense four years of online experience
into the "Top Ten Things You Need for Your Own Online Profits".

They back up their video based program with a full guarantee
so you have nothing to lose. Be bold and take action today by
making online profits a reality for you!

Here's the link again to the I Create Profits Program, and the
free Mini-Course.

Your Affiliate Link Here


Your Name

P.S. Just scroll down a bit on the page to sign up for the free ten

Simply reading through the outlined steps at the link above
is an education.

---------- end of sample email -------------


Let us know what else we can add here to help you as an affiliate.  Here's a quick link back to 100 Steps.

Christopher and Josh